What is Crosscade?

Cross-border cascading risk management for critical infrastructure in Sava river Basin

CROSScade (Cross-border cascading risk management for critical infrastructure in the Sava river Basin) will focus on the analysis of cross-border risks between Slovenia and Croatia caused by earthquakes and floods, as well as their possible cascading sequence of events along the Sava River. The two neighbouring countries in the CROSScade are particularly vulnerable to earthquakes and river flooding due to their position in the seismically active area (the juncture of three geotectonic units: the Alps in the north and west, the Dinarides in the southern, south-western and central part, the Pannonian Basin in the northeast) and near the end of major European river systems.

As a result of the recent earthquakes (March and December 2020) in Croatia, the integrity of the flood protection system and transportation networks was significantly damaged. By focusing on the earthquake aftermath, critical infrastructure managers (CIMs) and CPAs overlooked the impact of floods caused by the earthquake-induced failures in the flood protection system. Therefore the CROSScade focuses on the vulnerability of flood protection system, hydropower plant dams and transport infrastructure, vital for CIMs and CPAs and for disaster relief operations.

The project will deliver a cross-border risk assessment methodology and action plans that will increase the structural resilience of critical infrastructure and enhance transboundary communication between CIMs and CPAs. The methodology will be demonstrated in the cross-border pilot area of the Sava river basin and action plans to increase resilience in the region will be formulated.



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  • CROSScade project Consortium Meeting

    6-Month consortium meeting was held on 20th and 21st of October 2022 at Šeruga Farmhouse, in vicinity of Otočec ob Krki in Slovenia. The meeting was organized by ZAG, and all partners have participated in the meeting. The first day project partners discussed activities related to the cross-border hazard scenarios and communication matrix, while on […]

  • CROSScade project workshop held at Plitvice Lakes

    CROSScade project workshop was held at Plitvice Lakes, Croatia,, on July 14th 2022.  Representatives of all partners of the consortium participated in the workshop. Two topics were discussed at the workshop: (i) a database of critical infrastructure with the definition of attributes, along with the identification of area along the Sava River that will be […]

  • The consortium kick-off meeting held in Zagreb

    On March 24th 2022, a consortium kick-off meeting of the CROSScade project was held at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Zagreb. Representatives of all partners of the consortium participated in the meeting. After the welcome and roundtable introduction, an analysis of the project scope and WPs (including deliverables and milestones) followed, as well […]